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Prime Naturally Grown Cattle

Our Girls

Our cow girls are Black Baldies (Herford x Angus) with a maternal touch of Holstein for added milk production. With the exception of, Glory and her heifer calf Hallelujah, they are purebred Pinzgauers.

This year we were able to breed all the cows to a beautiful dark chestnut Pinsgauer bull.

Pinsgauer is an old country dual purpose breed of cattle with an amazing tenderness gene that has surpassed all other breeds in test conducted for meat tenderness. The excellent meat quality, with first rate marbling, fine fiber and light red color satisfy consumers.Pinzgauer Cattle

The same gene also makes for a tractable animal, calm and easily handled. Great for range conditions, the oxen team and the milk cow, alike.

The use of heterosis in cattle results in adding 5% more weight on average to the weaning rate of calves, which carries through to above average hanging weights of finely marbled carcasses.

By utilizing these already proven breed crossings known for best complimenting each other we will have a jump start on selecting replacement heifers.

The Bull Razza

Pinzgauer Cattle

Clear Skies selected and purchased our new herd bull this spring. We researched and considered several different breeds and ultimately decided on a Razza Piedmontese.

    WHY we selected PIEDMONTESE:
  • Piedmontese produces superior, low cholesterol, low fat, high protein, low calorie beef that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Fat is replaced with protein. Meat is tender and flavorful, based on the meat, not on fat. It is rated superior or excellent in Europe.
  • Piedmontese yield exceptionally high percentages of meat: 72-75% hot hanging weight, 80-85% yield of processed meat. This is due to light bone, double muscling, long bodies, thinner hides, and small heads, so waste is minimized.
  • Piedmonteses are extremely heat, cold and insect tolerant.
  • Piedmonteses are very feed efficient and environmentally friendly. As a result of the heat tolerance, they do not wallow in creeks and tear up sensitive wetlands.
  • Piedmontese have excellent temperaments and are very tolerant mothers, sometimes nursing 2 or 3 calves at a time.
  • Piedmonteses are slower to mature than other breeds but "just keep on going" living longer than many other breeds of cattle.
  • Cattle Info

    Piedmontese are from the Piedmont Mountain area of northern Italy. They are thought to be the product of two distinct breeds - the Auroch and the Zebu– which develop through isolation and natural selection to become the Piedmontese breed. When crossed on other breeds they pass on the inactive myostatin gene, making for healthy, tender, and tasty beef.

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