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Livestock Guardian Dogs aka LGD‘s

Magnificent ancient working dogs.

Traditionally LGD's were used to guard livestock against wolves, bears, jackals and cheetahs. Held in high esteem by the locals, they became dogs to the nobilities, and were then given as gift to visiting dignitaries and thus spread across the nations.

gos and marcus guard dogs

Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds, two of the breeds, that have been employed for millennia by shepherds and nomadic peoples; are large, capable and courageous to the point of being self sacrificing, imposing and powerful, yet gentle, loyal and loving to their family, human or animal. Calmly taking seriously their role as defender of the fold, the dedication and fearlessness with which they attend their duties is amazing to behold.

The same ferocious guard dog will tend the sick or lost with the love of a mother in its eyes, encouraging its charge to keep moving toward safety or staying and lying closely to provide comfort and heat; New litter of pupsa second dog will set a wider defense position for protection, both dogs will exhibit great joy and relief when the rescue party arrives. Smiling and body oscillating, then return back to guard duty.

Walking with the pups

Anatolian Shepherds from Anatolia, and Great Pyrenees from the Pyrenean Mountains, are intelligent, wary of strangers and good with children. They are quick learners, but, can chose not to obey as they have been bred to be independent and strong willed, necessary to preserve their working abilities as a guardian. Therefore, it is important to diligently teach and reinforce your alpha dog status. Generally a rough voice “growl” is all that is needed, but if you growl and get no response, you’ll give up your alpha position, without swift discipline being administered. Your dog will love you more, knowing and relaxing within its boundaries.LGD Troad

Our LGD's

  • OLLA, Great Pyrenees male, March 2011
  • RIPPER, Great Pyrenees fixed male - June 2009
  • LING, Great Pyrenees female, April 2011
  • TROAD, Great Pyrenees x Anatolian Shepherd male - August 2010


  • MACK, Border collie male
  • BOBBY, Border collie male - 2009
  • BOOT, March 2011
Marcus and puppy Rip guard dogs Nik and pups guard dogs Guard dogs playing while watching sheep Puppy taking a break