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Co-Op Country Roundup Newspaper featured us in thier September 1st paper
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Ewes & lambs on mountain pasture

Prime Natural Grown Sheep

Prime natural lamb raised from a few hundred medium wool ewes; the flock is protected by Great Pyrenees and Anatolian guard dogs.

Our ewe flock is a mixture of breeds Polypay, Columbia, Suffolk, Hampshire and Dorset.

Our Rams are purebreds of Ile de France, Polypay, Suffolk and Hampshire.

Our goal is to maximize heterosis (hybrid vigor) with the ideal balance of maternal (natural mothering instincts and rich abundant milk) with paternal (rapid lean growth with a fine marbled carcass) traits. By utilizing the breed crossings that best compliment each other we will be able to select from the best for replacement breeding stock ewes and then be able to produce superior carcasses quality of our prime market lambs.

We eat what we raise! So we raise our meat in the most natural and healthy way possible. Our livestock are provided with a natural pasture range diet, natural locally-grown hay and grains, and free from added growth hormones, antibiotics and animal by products.

Supplied with fresh clean water, free choice minerals and vitamins formulated specifically for their needs.

CONTACT ME with any comments, questions or interest you have regarding our farm.

Fall lambs Fall lambs 2 Lambs in the chute